Cosmic Paintings Originals
by Mike. Cicirelli


More all new one-of-a-kind original paintings
available as of Sept 3, 2017


Yellow Atmosphere


Castle in Shimmering Field



Pyramid in the Garden



Purple Temple



Hidden Batman



When the words fall away, all the mechanisms for mind control fall away, and I am a clean slate able to see the full picture of words... to reconstruct them myself, to apply the mechanism of mind control with conscious control myself... toward the one conversation, the game: to find this truth and power referred to as “IT”.

IT is the ultimate relative abstract, the treasure, the Holy Grail, the MacGuffin: the freedom and the power to cast the illusion and send players to quest IT where and how I choose. We are all playing the game, deliberately or not. This is how the world and reality itself is a hypnotic trance: The people who know IT, and the people who are sent to get IT, those who look for IT in a cigarette, in the bottom of a drawer, in a car or career, in every job or entertainment, to fetch IT, to know IT, and to bring IT Home to Self, or a selfless or selfish Master.

When the words fall away, the clean slate is free of habits suggested by words, free of the suggestions of what she or he can not do. And talents before hidden can now be accessed, skills can be applied, and the illusion can be manipulated to magic proportions, for the landscape reforms to magic proportions.

Is that too many words